How to keep up with the Ubuntu Phone news

Recently, someone asked me how he could best stay up to date with what is going on in the Ubuntu Phone world. This post outlines what has been working for me for one and a half years now.

There are basically three different news sources I have been using, each of which gives you a slightly different view on what is happening.

The first one, which is also the most techy, is the Ubuntu Phone mailing list. It is the place where new features are being discussed and where all the developers hang out. Łukasz Zemczak sends an email to the list every day, explaining which updates have landed in the phone images. It is also where the dates of new releases are announced and where you are welcome to ask questions. Subscribe to the list using the link above or check out its public archive on a regular basis.

Next, there is a really cool Ubuntu Phone community on Google Plus. It is where all the cool guys show off what they are working on and where they announce new apps they have just started. Furthermore, there are a few people at the heart of the Ubuntu community which you should also add to your circles. (As Google recently removed the circle sharing functionality, you can find the profile links at the bottom of the page.) If you do so in addition to joining the mailing list and the aforementioned Google Plus community, you will be pretty much up to date with what is happening.

However, there is still a third news source left and I think it is really important. Make sure to have a look at Planet Ubuntu. It is a blog aggregator for the blogs of various members of the Ubuntu project across the globe. It’s one of the most important mouthpieces of the community and you can easily read it on your Ubuntu Phone using the Ubuntu News Scope written by Chris Wayne.

As I said earlier, this is what I have been using to keep myself updated on what is going on in the Ubuntu community and I promise that you won’t miss anything important if you stick to those communication channels.

Finally, here is the list of Google Plus profiles and pages:

Of course, you can also add me to your circles if you like my blog posts. ;)